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The Daily Declutter Checklists

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Clutter can compile quickly and become a hassle to clear. One way to prevent clutter from piling up is to tackle a little each day with quick clean routines.

Taking time each day to keep your home cleared and clutter free could be a small task you do daily that has a large impact on your quality of life and that of your family.  Huffington Post article,  12 Surprising Ways Clutter Is Ruining Your Life, points out to research that shows “people with cluttered homes full of unfinished projects were more depressed, fatigued, and had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol than those who described their homes as “restful” and “restorative.”

We created an infographic you can use to declutter in 15 minutes or less daily to keep your home clutter free for yourself and those you love.


What better way to improve your quality of life than to create a clean and orderly environment? These questions can help you decide if the daily declutter routine could work for you:

  • Are there specific rooms that constantly need to be organized?
  •  Are you organizing or purging certain item types like furniture, knick-knacks, or kitchen utensils?
  • Are there specific life events you are preparing for like moving or the birth of a child? 

Before you clean each room, visualize how you would like to see the room transformed.

Organizing your home does not have to start after your home is overflowing with clutter. You can start the process now before it’s a necessity and reclaim your space and time. 

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