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Decluttering to Rightsize: 5 Tips

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Most households acquire a host of cherished items over time. Eventually, you may find yourself surrounded by more possessions than you can handle.

Whether you are considering retiring in your own home or moving to a new space, it is important to create a plan to do so comfortably. There are many issues that arise that can make the upkeep and maintenance of the home a challenge.

Preparing for a new "rightsized" space can be an overwhelming prospect, especially when you have a home full of memories and keepsakes to go through. 



See our 5 tips to help you prepare to “Rightsize” for whatever comes next in your life.

Don’t be ashamed to get rid of items that belong to other people.

Quite often, the first place you can begin to clear is where other people’s items gather. Have you held on to your children’s old furniture or stored items for family and friends? If your answer is yes, start clearing their items. Contact family members and friends to find out if they want their items back or no longer have use for them.

Reduce your inventory of seasonal décor items.

Seasonal décor is often difficult for many of us to part with because of the sentimental value and memories attached to the items. Unfortunately, many of us end up with more memorable decorative items than we have room for. This is a sign to declutter before you decorate! Decluttering can save you time and money while allowing you to take inventory of all the wonderful items you want to preserve. Start by ridding your collection of multiples first.

Dispose of broken and outdated items.

In most cases, broken items are no longer useful or functional, but a hazard. Items like chipped or broken decorative items can be especially harmful depending on the material the item is made of, the paint used to decorate it, or if the item has sharp or jagged edges. Be sure to discard these items to clear room as well as for safety. Also consider discarding well worn, old, holey, or torn clothing, bed linens, and towels as well as chipped or broken dinnerware.

Start the process by identifying items you absolutely love and need.

In Decluttering: How to “Let it Go!”, experts say the purpose of this process “is to create a new living environment that reflects a meaningful, comfortable lifestyle for the years ahead. Personal possessions that have purpose and meaning are honored and preserved for the new home.” After deciding what items are you need to live safely and comfortably, such as a bed, place for clothes or eating utensils, you can then consider which items you love most that are not essential to daily life or comfort.

Be patient and prioritize your well-being.

In a world driven by immediacy, we often want instant results. Remember that Rightsizing is a process that works best with a plan and lots of patience. This is a conscious decision to set the next phase of your life for comfort and healthy living. Transitions experts advise remaining “focused on what is important for your health, welfare, and safety. As long as your medical and financial circumstances allow time to plan, seek the advice and support needed so you can remain in control of this next step in your life.”

For every milestone in our lives, we use space differently. Quite often, embarking on new territory can be both exciting, and in some cases frightening. Having open and honest conversations about the next steps in your life can ease some of the anxiety and uncertainty surrounding this topic.


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