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Finding a Great Home for Your Valuables

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As baby boomers prepare to downsize or age in place, streamlining possessions becomes a necessity. In most cases, boomer parents find it difficult to find the right home for their valued items. They discover their children are not interested in taking their collections of china sets or paintings.

Despite the challenge of finding a new home for these items, it is still a task that is essential to safely aging in place. An estate sale or online estate sale/auction may be a choice to consider for clearing space in the home. 


How do I know if an Estate Sale or Online Estate Sale/Auction could work for me?
For people who have a fair amount of valuable inventory but not a lot of time, an Estate Sale can be a very positive experience.  Estate Sales are managed by professionals, who, for an administrative fee and/or a percent of total sales, manage everything for you, including a home inventory, heavy lifting, pricing, advertising, and marketing, set up, clean up, donations, and transport or shipping.

I have unique valuables and collectibles. Would an Estate Sale or Online Estate Sale/Auction help me find the right home for my items?
Estate sales draw collectors and serious shoppers. We’ve all heard the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and it is true. Therefore, before you donate or throw things away consider hiring an estate sale company like Caring Transitions. Estate Sale industry specialists will sort through all the proposed sale items and will help you decide what should be included in the sale.

What are the benefits of an Estate Sale or Online Estate Sale/Auction company?
Experts at wrote, “hiring a service can make the process much less stressful and more profitable.”

Some notable benefits are:
Minimize Stress. Allowing experienced professionals to care for the “stuff” can ease the burdens caused by a potentially emotional process.

Save time and energy. A team of professionals can relieve the duties of inventorying and managing the items in the home, to ensure they’re sold or liquidated in a timely manner. 

Increases revenue. Estate sale companies know which items are most valuable to buyers and price your items accordingly, helping families make the most of the streamlining process.

Boosts visibility. By marketing and advertising your sale, service providers ensure that you attract as many buyers as possible.

Adds credibility. Professional estate sales carry a greater perceived value than private family sponsored sales or auctions. This allows them to attract a higher quantity and quality of potential buyers for your valuables.



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